RIA Rundown: The VR60


Few rifles match the intuitive ergonomics of the AR platform. That's why, when designing the VR60, we followed the ergonomic style of the AR platform and applied it to a semi-automatic shotgun. This means you get all the firepower you want—and you can feel comfortable while handling it. It makes for an awesome combination.

Here's what else you can expect from the VR60.

Caliber & Capacity

Unlike more traditional shotguns, the VR60 12-gauge shotgun gives you the ability to put serious firepower downrange without needing to manually chamber another round after each shot. The gun comes with a magazine that gives you a five-round capacity.


You’ll be working with a 20-inch barrel that can be easily removed from the aluminum-alloy upper receiver, making cleaning a breeze. The VR60 weighs in at slightly more than seven pounds, right in the ballpark for most semi-auto shotguns and 39 inches in length.


The VR60 comes with a detachable carrying handle and a magazine-release button in the same fashion as other AR-style rifles. You’ll also notice the manual safety is positioned on the left side of the gun, just above the pistol grip. The right-side charging handle will be welcome for right-handed shooters.

The handguard features an accessory rail on the top and bottom sides, so you can attach a foregrip to go along with the pistol grip.

The Wrap-Up

The VR60 is a great fit for any sporting or hunting enthusiast. Check out the VR60 shotgun today.  If you're already sold on it, you can grab one for $489 MSRP. Rural King was the first to get a shipment of these, so get them while supplies last. Find a Rural King gun store here.

If you don't live near a Rural King store, don't worry—the VR60 will be at more retailers in the near future.

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