What Makes an Ideal Tactical 1911


Shooters who enjoy a simple gun without any frills—turn back now because it’s time to get tactical. We’ll be diving into what makes a 1911 tactical and well-suited for those yearning for something beyond basic.

Here are the primary aspects of the ideal tactical 1911.


First of all, 1911s are awesome without anything “tactical” being involved. Secondly, what does “tactical” actually mean nowadays? Sometimes it seems like every other firearm gets the tactical label.

In most cases, it appears “tactical” gets associated with a firearm that’s black and features some style of attachment system. That said, if a 1911 has picatinny rails, then it’s well on its way to being considered a tactical 1911. Throw on a tac-light or laser sight to top off the "tactical-ness."

Adjustable Sights

What kind of tactical pistol doesn’t allow you to make sight adjustments? Adjustable, rear combat sights should be on any tactical pistol. Even if you never make any adjustments, at least you can say you have the ability.

If you want to go even further down the tactical rabbit hole, have a gunsmith adjust your 1911 to accept an optic—if it can’t already. Then acquire and install your preferred red-dot sight. Getting good with a red-dot sight can take some practice, as “finding” the dot in your vision isn’t always easy at first.

Double-Stack Magazines

A single-stack magazine doesn’t provide enough capacity to qualify for the ideal tactical 1911. Look to 1911s with larger magwells meant for double-stack magazines. Double-stack mags allow for double the capacity among most calibers.


To be all-out tactical, you need a suppressor. Yes, you’ll have to fill out the appropriate paperwork and pay a tax stamp—and this is all assuming you live in a state where suppressors are legal. However, in return for jumping through all the hoops, you’ll have an awesome accessory that will make your 1911 one of the coolest at the range.

If you’re new to suppressors, you can find out all you need to know right here.

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