What You Should Know About the MAPP Series


We love 1911 pistols, but over the years we’ve ventured into a few other types of guns such small caliber rifles, shotguns and revolvers. In addition, we also have the MAPP series of pistols.

What’s the MAP/MAPP series and how does it differ from our 1911s? Here’s what you need to know.


MAP/MAPP handguns are lightweight, hammer-fired, single-action/double-action pistols fit for service or concealed carry. They all feature snag-free sights, a single-action trigger weight of 4-6 lbs and an accessory rail for mounting lighting options.

Steel Frame or Polymer Framed

With 1911s, you’re going to get a steel frame. But the MAPP series gives you the option of either a steel frame with rubber grips or a polymer frame. The MAP pistols such as the MAP FS in 9MM are built with a steel frame and MAPP models use a polymer frame. The weight difference with a loaded magazine comes out to about 0.6 lbs.

Full-Sized or Mid-Sized

Similar to our 1911s, both MAP and MAPP models come in either full- or mid-sized lengths. The mid-sized models make for better concealment options because they both use 3.66 inch barrels.

California Compliant

We know California residents have a tough time with a strict list of accepted handguns. The good news is the MAPP FS and MS pistols have California compliant options available!


Another differentiator for the MAPP pistols is the TCM9R offerings. The MAPP TCM9R pistols use the 22TCM9R cartridge which gives tremendous velocity (2,000fps) and a higher magazine capacity (16).

For a closer look at some of the MAP/MAPP pistols, you can find them all here or at any of the individual links below.

MAP Pistols (steel framed)

MAPP Pistols (polymer framed)