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Why .45 Ammo is a Wise Choice for Shooters

Posted by Team Armscor on Apr 13, 2017


If you’re looking for a new gun this year, you’re definitely not going to face a shortage of caliber choices. Of course, you’re not stuck with the first caliber you choose. You can own them all if you like, and each has its merits.

However, you should give some special consideration to the 45ACP for a few key reasons.

Rich History

The 45ACP saw plenty of service time with the U.S. military throughout the First and Second World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. While many agencies have switched over to the 9mm, the 45ACP can still be seen in use today, albeit in a more limited role.

The .45 still maintains a strong presence in the civilian market and shouldn’t be overlooked because law-enforcement and military entities have shifted away from the caliber. 45ACP can still be enjoyable to shoot out on the range or in competition.

Plenty of Options

Having choices is a good thing. Sure, you might have to spend some more time comparing and contrasting, but that’s a good problem to have. There are plenty of pistols out there chambered for 45ACP. You’re definitely in luck if you love 1911s. You can find many Rock Island Armory 1911s in 45ACP - here are some of them:

One of the “Big Three”

Because it’s one of the most popular calibers, often lumped in as one of the “big three” (9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP) and due to its popularity, you shouldn’t have an issue finding ammo. You can find ammo right here on Armscor, or you can use Ammoseek to find larger-quantity options, search by grain count and price per round.

Self-Defense Round

Add up the three previous reasons, and you have a solid grounding to support using .45 as a self-defense round. It’s a bigger, slower round and can be more challenging to manage out of a compact pistol. Once you master it, though, it’s a round you can feel confident putting your life and dollars behind.

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