Why Are 1911s So Reliable?

Why Are 1911s So Reliable

When the military was having difficulty with their sidearms, they called on John Browning to invent a reliable gun, capable of firing no less than .45 ACP, that could stand up to the rigors of military use. To meet those strict demands, Browning invented the 1911—one of the most reliable American handgun platforms in history. 

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Single Action

The single action nature of most 1911s makes the operation of the gun relatively simple. While some double action 1911s—such as those in the MAP/MAPP Series—deliver double action reliability, the lack of complexity in the trigger action allows the 1911 to work every time the trigger is pulled, which means you can depend upon it when your life is on the line.

Time Tested

One of the clearest indications that 1911s make for reliable handguns is the sheer amount of time they have been in production. The widespread popularity of the platform stands as a stronger testament to the reliability of the gun than any gun review or stress test you'll find on the internet. It's also worth noting that, since these guns have been around in excess of one hundred years, there has been ample time to iron out any feed ramp or throat issues that may have existed in John Browning's initial design. 


Part of the beauty of a 1911 is the amount of customization that the gun supports. While these guns are capable of having any number of bells and whistles added to them, they are incredibly simple at their core. The recoil operation, revolutionary at the time of its invention, has stood the test of time. Add a smaller number of screws and components and a streamlined ejection port, and you've got a gun that works every time you pull the trigger. 

There are a lot of options for firearms available today, and picking the correct one can be tough. By sticking to the 1911 platform, you'll ensure that the gun you buy, whatever it is, offers reliability and dependability for years to come. 

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