Why You Should Consider Buying a 22TCM Pistol

When a new caliber comes along, it can be tough to adopt if you're set in your ways. And while your go-to might have done right by you for decades, it sometimes pays to be open-minded to a little enhancement.

Case in point: the 22TCM line of pistols. It takes the best of both worlds and positions itself as a viable defense option for any experienced shooter.


One of the beauties of the 22TCM caliber is that its low recoil means it can be picked up by virtually any type or level of shooter without striking fear in them. Matching a light-shooting caliber with the additional weight of the 1911 frame helps shooters maintain accuracy over multiple rounds and allows for quick follow-up shots.


Low recoil doesn't sacrifice speed. Manufacturers will continue to look more and more for ways to use less material without sacrificing terminal ballistics. With a little more powder, you can substantially amp up round velocity. Light, fast ammunition is virtually the future of law-enforcement and military-grade calibers. The 22TCM is a great example of this trend: it's a flat-shooting cartridge that approaches 400 feet of energy in a small, 40-grain-bullet package. It makes the most of its stature and goes above and beyond without a domineering physical presence.


Trying to compare the 22TCM to the 22LR or 22 Magnum is virtually impossible - its feet-per-second, bullet design and propellant style are vastly different, making it the short, fast option. And thanks to the 9mm barrel and recoil spring that come standard with a 22TCM caliber pistol, it's truly two guns in one.


Our 22TCM line is part of our Armor Series, which means it comes with a diamond-like carbon coating designed to increase reliability, durability, and performanceeven in the most challenging conditions like sand, dirt, dust, and moisture.

We’re not talking about a spray-on coating that’ll eventually wear off. This is the next evolution in firearm coatings. These weapons feature an advanced surface treatment that applies a clean, dry lubrication, which results in permanent hardness while eliminating the need for oils or greases.


Everyone needs a little bit of two-in-one action in their holsters. With the capability, versatility, and durability of a 22TCM and the power of a reliable self-defense pistol, you can't go wrong. 

👉 Consider the 22TCM, and your collection will have a true original in its corner.

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