Why You Should Consider Buying a 9mm Pistol


Classic calibers may not always be the most obviously exciting choice, but when one of said calibers is growing in popularity as a defensive round and evolving leaps and bounds from previous iterations, it might be worth taking a second look.

We all know the 9mm - but when you're considering adding a new pistol to your collection, there are a handful of reasons why this tried and true caliber is still the right choice.


One of the beauties of the 9mm round is that it brings with it a comparatively low recoil next to other popular calibers. It's the type of caliber of gun that you can hand off to friends and family who are inexperienced shooters, and they'll experience a controllable recoil for their first times giving range-shooting a go. (And if you're a diehard 40S&W fan, know that the 9mm reduces the often snappy impulse of the 40S&W to a light recoil that allows for faster follow-up shots when the occasion calls for it.)


As a self-defense or home-defense pistol, the 9mm is more than ready to do the trick. More and more often you see law-enforcement departments adopting the caliber for their use due to the progression of the ammo development over the years. While years ago the 40S&W caliber brought the best stopping power in a defensive round, today's 9mm has just as much stopping power as the classic 40S&W once did. It's risen to the occasion as a defensive caliber.


If you've ever had the concern when buying a new handgun that if you select an offbeat or new caliber it may either not be long for this world or difficult to find at dealers in order to stock up, not so much with the 9mm. It's essentially the most manufactured, most produced round and, along with the 38 Special, is likely the easiest to find at virtually any ammo dealer. In fact, in recent years, the 9mm and 10mm and its ilk have filled the niche, ballistically speaking and popularity-wise, of the 40S&W.


If price is a concern, the 9mm is going to be one of the kindest calibers to your budget - the cost of this variety of ammo has come down quite a bit in recent years, making it the smart, affordable choice in addition to its other positives in the "pro" column.

The Perfect Pick

When it comes to a wallet-friendly, all-around pistol, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more obvious buying choice than a 9mm. Add this caliber to your collection, and you'll be shooting like an LE professional without the crunch on your budget you might expect with a high-quality piece.


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