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3 Reasons Carbine Conversion Kits are the Way to Go

Posted by Team Armscor on Dec 29, 2016


Rifles are generally easier to control than pistols and have the capability to reach out to greater ranges.

Though, if you’re not interested in shooting hundreds of yards down range and just want better control over your pistol, the TCM RONI Pistol Shell carbine conversion stock should be on your shopping list.

Here are three ways a conversion stock can benefit you.

1. Performance in a home-invasion scenario

While the chances of your home getting invaded are probably slim, it's better to be prepared than not, right? A pistol with hollow-point ammunition can be a great home-defense option, as it’s less likely to over-penetrate and cause unwanted harm to others.

Attaching a carbine stock to your pistol can give you the improved control and the accessory options of a rifle, while still utilizing a pistol caliber without the bulky size.

2. Makes for fun on the range

You don’t need to justify every purchase with hardcore, tactical reasoning and disaster-planning. Sometimes, it’s okay to simply enjoy something. Adding a carbine conversion stock can be a cool enhancement for your pistol and make a fun range-day addition.  

3. Good fit for vehicle carry

It’s not unheard of for people to keep guns in their vehicles. Maybe it’s for a “bug-out” scenario or for self-defense against potential violence on the road. Either way, using the conversion stock on a pistol gives you a small, lightweight gun with better control. The carbine size makes it easier to store under seats or in the trunk.

Make a point of checking out the TCM RONI before you commit to a rifle - it might be your ideal fit.

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