An Enhanced Breakdown of the RIA 5.0E




How do you improve perfection? The answer is: you don’t. From here, you can only enhance. That’s the challenge we faced when we were developing the next step for the RIA 5.0 – one of the most sought-after sports pistols on the market. As one of the most flawlessly engineered sporting pistols you’ll find, the RIA 5.0 is renowned for its many features, like its:

  • Patented Recoil System
  • Deeper Bore Axis
  • Unbeatable Optics
  • Buttery-Smooth Trigger
  • Two Piece Modular Grip

The 5.0 laid the groundwork for what would become the RIA 5.0E. This groundbreaking pistol is the culmination of Rock Island Armory and Armscor’s dedication and passion for cutting-edge technology. In this blog, we give you a deeper look into how we turned the classic RIA 5.0 into a perfect 10.


With so much packed into the 5.0E, this baby is by no means a baby. Like its predecessor, it holds a 4-pound trigger with a very low bore axis, making it great for competition. It too contains an aluminum receiver with a steel slide, but where the 5.0E stands apart is its updated match-grade barrel that’s been crafted with improved materials and slide geometry, making it that much smoother.

The 5.0E’s front and rear sights host new optics cuts and plates, making them easy to swap in your favorite sights with ease. Plus, the pistol’s new aggressive serrations make it easy for anyone to handle. Of course, what’s a new car without a slick coat of paint? Only this coat is built to make it last. The 5.0E is the latest in our new patented Armor Series of pistols. It’s caked in a diamond-like carbon coating designed to drastically increase its reliability, durability and performance. If you think we’re being over the top, you haven’t seen anything yet.


Beneath all the eye candy that the RIA 5.0E has to offer lies a healthy, beating heart, also known as its Ram Value System (RVS). The RVS is a unique way of making a semi-automatic pistol operate. Underneath, the RIA 5.0E is nearly identical to the original RIA 5.0 from an operational standpoint. The enhanced components just help make them perform that much better.

In a review for the RIA 5.0 from Shooting Illustrated, they comment on the pistol’s internal slide rails (similar to a CZ75), which, combined with its RVS system, allows for a very low bore axis, which results in greatly reduced recoil. This, combined with the weight of the RIA 5.0E, sets a new standard in recoil absorption.

With the 5.0E, thanks to its improved slide geometry, it only feels smoother, and has done what SI describes as, “provides for the smooth operation of the slide and more slide-to-frame contact than most pistols on the market today.”


The RIA 5.0E pistol truly shines when put to the test at the gun range. Its exceptional performance is evident in its remarkable accuracy and meticulously crafted trigger, which ensures precise shot placement and tight groupings. Its new aggressive serrations guarantee a comfortable grip, allowing for enhanced control and a thoroughly enjoyable shooting experience. Whether you're an experienced marksman or a newcomer to the sport, the RIA 5.0E's reliability and responsiveness establish it as a distinguished choice for those who value quality and precision in their firearms.

Now that we’ve let you on the inside, you’re probably asking yourself, “How does it get any better?” Well, the RIA 5.0E becomes available on October 16th for the great price of $1,988. Learn more about it – and check out Rock Island Armory and Armscor’s impressive library – by exploring our website. Welcome to the enhanced world of firearms