Ideas for Safely Storing Firearms at Home Other Than Safes

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We hope it’s not going to be at all controversial for us to say that if you store firearms in your home—especially if you have children under your roof—you should prioritize safety above all else. You’ve probably read elsewhere (and even in some of our blogs) that a gun safe is the most secure way to go when choosing where to stash your guns when they’re not in use. However, during a home invasion, when seconds count, trying to access your safe and retrieve your weapon might not be the most optimal way to go about defending your life, your family, and your property.

So what’s a responsible gun owner to do?

We have good news for you. Here are some ideas for home storage of firearms designed to hit that sweet spot between safety and accessibility (and sometimes, style).

For the Quickest Access

If you live alone or in a home without children, it might make sense to keep your gun on your nightstand or in a drawer where it’s easy to access when you need it. A drawer doesn’t offer the same security or protection from theft as a metal safe if someone breaks in while you’re not home, but it’s tough to beat the ease of accessibility if the bad guy is trying to get the drop on you when you are. If you’re going to consider this option, you really need to take into account your day-to-day circumstances.

Again, if you’ve got littles in the house, don’t even think about it.

Sleep Tight

If a home invasion occurs while you’re home, chances are that it’ll take place at night when you’re in bed and most vulnerable. That means there’s a lot to recommend keeping your self-defense weapon within easy reach as you react to the events and try to wipe the sleep our of your eyes.

If you’re not comfortable (or not able) to keep your gun in your nightstand’s drawer, you have options that’ll still keep it safe and accessible. Consider purchasing a nightstand with a hidden compartment (it’s seriously worth a Google). You’ve never had more options, from drawers with false bottoms, table tops you can slide back to expose your arsenal and more.

The best part: Unless someone knows exactly what to look for (and 99% of us won’t), it’s highly unlikely anyone will ever know.

By The Book

Another option that can keep your firearm safe, concealed and handy is a book safe. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A portable safe that (at first glance) looks like a hardcover book—often a thick book like the dictionary. We’ve all seen those films where someone carves out pages from a bible and stores something like a gun inside. This option is like that, but a lot more professional and secure.

The great thing about this option is that it’s portable—you can stash it in any room, and many of them have combination locks for extra security in case someone discovers your secret. Make sure to practice unlocking it so you can act quickly to teach intruders the definition of self-defense.

Under the Table

This option gets into the difference between storing your gun and staging your gun—that is, putting it in a position where it’s easy to get to while you’re going about your day-to-day. If your day-to-day involves the risk of someone getting the jump on your while you’re on the job, you have a number of safety-holster options that allow you to attach your weapon to the underside of just about any table or desk. Many of these safety holsters are designed to fit just about any type of pistol, but we recommend (as always) that you do your research before pulling the trigger on any of them.

Again—and we can’t emphasize this enough—think twice about this option if there’s even a chance a child might find it.

For Your Long Guns

So far, the options we’ve covered apply only to handguns—but what if your preferred self-defense firearm is a shotgun or a rifle? Fear not, dear reader, for you are in luck. You have a number of options—all of which kind of feel like they’d be at home at John Wick’s house.

If you’re looking for something homey, you can find options like a curio cabinet with a hidden, slide-out compartment that can accommodate a number of long guns. Display your Precious Moments collection in the front and your self-defense savvy in the rear.

Another great option is a concealment shelf, which is essentially a wooden or metal sleeve that you can hang on a mounted wall bracket (not that different from the type you’d hang your flatscreen on). You’ll hang a holster or gun rack on the bracket. You’ll cover the whole works with the concealment shelf.

This only scratches the surface when it comes to the full array of storage options available to you. The limit is your imagination. Think about your lifestyle, your firearms and your specific needs—and then get creative.


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