Why Choose a 1911 for Home Defense?


Sure, the 1911 is ideal for firing off a few rounds at the range, but have you ever considered it as a home-defense handgun?

From its ergonomics, to its trigger and balance, the 1911 triangulates many desirable features other pistols just can’t match. Your home is your castle—so the firearm you choose to defend it could mean everything.

If you’ve overlooked this old standby, here’s why you should consider giving it a second look.

It’s Easy to Aim

Every 1911 shooter has their reason for lauding how easy it is to aim the 1911. It might be the grip angel and ergonomics. Might be the balance. Whatever they highlight, advocates of the 1911 say pointing the pistol is like pointing their finger.

This adds up to a scenario where your first shot is more likely to be the most important one. When seconds count, and you’re in a home-defense situation, this is exactly what you want—especially considering the 1911’s relatively limited magazine.

The good news is that the 1911’s 45 ACP rounds are renowned for their stopping power. If you hit your target, one is probably going to do the job. Just make sure you select the right ammo for home and self defense.

It’s Easy to Shoot

If you know anything about the 1911, you know that the pistol is famous for its smooth trigger pull and clean break. Right out of the box, most 1911 triggers out-perform custom triggers from other models.


When you’re in a high-pressure shooting situation, you want to eliminate as many variables as possible. The 1911’s trigger is built to do exactly that. Instead of rotating on a hinge mechanism, the 1911’s trigger slides straight back. There’s no wiggle. There’s no twist. It’s crisp, clean and easy to do the same way every time.

What’s more: The weight of the 1911 helps offset recoil and allows you to get back on target quickly and efficiently.

It’s Easy to Customize

It’s important to feel comfortable with your weapon—especially in high-stress situations inside your home. Being able to see your target (or determine your target isn’t really a target) can completely change the trajectory of your life.

The 1911 is pretty great right out of the box, so there’s probably not going to be a compelling need for the majority of shooters to do any aftermarket upgrades. However, some tinkerers just want to customize.

Good news for these folks: Since the 1911 is one of the world’s most popular pistol platforms, you can rest assured that makers of accessories have you covered.

A quick Google search will reveal a bevy of after-market modifications that can give you the edge in low-light shooting situations. Want to mount a flashlight to your weapon? You can. Interested in night-sights? Knock yourself out.

There are many reasons to fall in love with the 1911 platform—and we certainly have here at Armscor. It’s not flashy. It’s not the newest platform. But for reliability and easy of use, you simply can’t beat it. When you want to protect what’s most important, you can’t go wrong.

Shop for a 1911 to fit your home-defense needs today.

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