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The Best Ways to Care for a Rock Island Armory 1911

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 3, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Maintenance and Upkeep

Did you just buy your first Rock Island Armory 1911? It’s a great, reliable choice—but as a responsible owner, there are a few things to know when it comes to caring for your new 1911 pistol.

Here are a few 1911 upkeep tips to remember.

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5 Techniques Pivotal for Pistol Self-Defense

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 27, 2017 | Topics: Staying Safe

Have you recently picked up a pistol for self-defense purposes? Dealing with a self-defense scenario in which you need to use your pistol isn’t a situation to take lightly. Having a plan and regular practice will help you stay calm and focused, should such an event ever arise.

Here are some ways you can prepare to use your pistol defensively.

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3 Youth Rifles Good for Beginning Shooters

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 20, 2017 | Topics: Rifles

Think the youth of today spend too much time on their fancy digital devices? Perhaps they need some outdoors time or just a new hobby. Well, shooting pop cans, varmint and paper targets can be a rousing good time and valuable opportunity for family bonding.

The first step, aside from teaching your young shooters basic safety standards, is to get them rifles. Here are a few ideas to consider.

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The Best TAC Firearms for Concealed Carry

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 18, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

Welcome to the Rock Island Armory TAC line. It’s hard to go wrong with a 1911. The platform has been through a lot over the years and is still the chosen side-arm for many professionals today.

If you happen to be researching options for a concealable 1911 handgun, then you’ll find a couple great options right here.

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Why Everyone Needs a 45ACP Caliber in Their Competition Arsenal

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 13, 2017 | Topics: Competition

The popular 45ACP cartridge has a long history that’s seen it used by military and law enforcement around the globe. It also has found itself a spot in the world of shooting competitions.

The cartridge still maintains a strong following among civilians and shouldn’t be overlooked simply because law enforcement and military have been shifting to 9mm, by and large.

In fact, 45ACP is a great option for competition shooters. Here are a few reasons why.

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What Makes Maintaining a 1911 Easier than Most Firearms

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 22, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Maintenance and Upkeep

Whether you find cleaning and routine maintenance of your guns a necessary annoyance or a relaxing activity, it’s a must-do task. Maintaining your guns will help keep them running smoothly well into the future. Generally, a gun with simple engineering and fewer parts will be easier to take apart to clean. The highly respected 1911 pistol easily fits the bill.

Here’s what makes cleaning a Rock Island Armory 1911 a walk in the park.

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4 GI Series Pistols Worth Investing In

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 20, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

The iconic 1911 pistol has developed from a simple, rugged tool for soldiers into an often flashy, customized item commanding high asking prices. The Rock Island GI Series takes the 1911 back to its roots. Forget the accessory rails, engravings and gold beaded sights.

Do you need a functional tool you can invest time and money in while leaving some budget left over for ammo (so you can actually shoot the gun you just bought)? Then consider one of the following GI Series pistols.

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4 Reasons 1911 Pistols Make the Best Competition Firearms

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 15, 2017 | Topics: Competition

In shooting competitions, every split-second counts. There's not much leeway for errors. Shots need to be on target while still completing the course of fire quickly and safely. It's a lot to juggle. The JJ Racazas and Athena Lees of the world got their competition skills through hours of practice, determination and patience.

However, it also helps to have a great pistol platform at your side. The 1911 handgun not only fits the bill for competition shooting, but it also sets the standard for competition pistols.

What makes the 1911 a great competition pistol?

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4 Tips for Shopping Around for the Most Wallet-Friendly 1911

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 6, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

When you’re shopping around for a 1911, you’ll come across models that look more like luxury ornaments than a range gun, with a hefty price tag to match. You’ll also find 1911s built for competitors, concealed carriers and some as the ultimate, catch-all 1911. What features do you really need, and how much money should you prepare to spend?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you decide.

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Team Armscor Speaks: 4 Competition Thoughts from Athena Lee

Posted by Athena Lee on Jun 5, 2017 | Topics: Competition

Do you feel like your skills as a shooter haven’t been improving with your usual range outings? Maybe you want to take your marksmanship to the next level, but you need some motivation or new ideas on how to improve. Getting involved in competitive shooting can solve those issues.

Competing against other shooters can sharpen your skills in multiple areas - here are four of them from Team Armscor's own Athena Lee.

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