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Best 1911 Pistols for Secure Home Storage

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 14, 2017 | Topics: Staying Safe

What kind of storage you use for your guns largely depends on what type of guns you own. If you’re looking for a pistol that can be easily stored and secured, then you’ll want to look at compacts. You wouldn’t necessarily have trouble storing full-size or mid-size pistols, but compacts are, as the name suggests, a more size-efficient option.

Here are some compact 1911 pistols you can store safely in your home.

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End of Summer $5K Giveaway

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 13, 2017 | Topics: Promotions

Don't let the summer end without one last hurrah! Let's count down the days with some thrill by offering the chance for one lucky winner to end the summer with a bang. Together with our partners Springfield Armory, CrossBreed Holsters, MGM Targets, AR500 Armor and Armscor, we're bringing you the "End of Summer $5K Guns & Gear Giveaway."

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Team Armscor Speaks: 4 Competition Thoughts from Eric Grauffel

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 12, 2017 | Topics: Competition

Do you feel like your skills as a shooter haven’t been improving with your usual range outings? Maybe you want to take your marksmanship to the next level, but you need some motivation or new ideas on how to improve. Getting involved in competitive shooting can help alleviate these issues.

Competing against other shooters can sharpen your skills in multiple areas—here are four such skills, as told by Team Armscor's own Eric Grauffel.

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7 Starter Pistols for 1911 First-Timers

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 7, 2017 | Topics: 1911s - General

Everyone’s got to start somewhere. Whether you’re new to guns, pistols or just the 1911 platform as a whole, there are a few things to look for when buying—and we can help you out.

Here are some great options to fulfill your newfound love of the 1911 platform.

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How to Find Your Perfect Concealed Carry Holster

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 5, 2017 | Topics: Ammo and Accessories

So you’ve decided to conceal carry. Aside from the pistol, you’ll also want the perfect holster. Holsters are recommended, as they make carrying more comfortable and provide additional protection around the trigger guard of your pistol.

So what goes into picking out the ideal holster for your needs? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

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RIA Rundown: The VR60

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 30, 2017 | Topics: Shotguns

Few rifles match the intuitive ergonomics of the AR platform. That's why, when designing the VR60, we followed the ergonomic style of the AR platform and applied it to a semi-automatic shotgun. This means you get all the firepower you want—and you can feel comfortable while handling it. It makes for an awesome combination.

Here's what else you can expect from the VR60.

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The Guide to 1911 Pistol Accessories Every Enthusiast Wants

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 10, 2017 | Topics: Ammo and Accessories

Have people described you as a "tinkerer" or customizing aficionado? You might be one if you just can't help but adjust, swap and add on accessories to your guns. There's no shame in it, and we'd actually like to help you out if you're thinking about wading into the world of accessories—specifically for 1911s.

Here are a few ways you can customize a 1911 to your heart's content.

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The Best Ways to Care for a Rock Island Armory 1911

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 3, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Maintenance and Upkeep

Did you just buy your first Rock Island Armory 1911? It’s a great, reliable choice—but as a responsible owner, there are a few things to know when it comes to caring for your new 1911 pistol.

Here are a few 1911 upkeep tips to remember.

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5 Techniques Pivotal for Pistol Self-Defense

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 27, 2017 | Topics: Staying Safe

Have you recently picked up a pistol for self-defense purposes? Dealing with a self-defense scenario in which you need to use your pistol isn’t a situation to take lightly. Having a plan and regular practice will help you stay calm and focused, should such an event ever arise.

Here are some ways you can prepare to use your pistol defensively.

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3 Youth Rifles Good for Beginning Shooters

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 20, 2017 | Topics: Rifles

Think the youth of today spend too much time on their fancy digital devices? Perhaps they need some outdoors time or just a new hobby. Well, shooting pop cans, varmint and paper targets can be a rousing good time and valuable opportunity for family bonding.

The first step, aside from teaching your young shooters basic safety standards, is to get them rifles. Here are a few ideas to consider.

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