Concealed Carry with a Full-Size 1911: A Guide to Comfort & Confidence


Concealed carry enthusiasts want the perfect blend of comfort, confidence and reliability when choosing a firearm. While there are plenty options available, the full-size 1911 pistol stands out for its historical significance, solid construction, and powerful performance. At Rock Island Armory, we are committed to providing top-notch, affordable firearms – including an array of 1911 pistols. In this blog, we explore how to optimize concealed carry with a full-size 1911, from clothing considerations to holster technology and we’ll help you find an affordable option that’s right for you.


  • Men's Clothing: Loose-fitting apparel is crucial for effectively concealing a 1911 pistol. Specific recommendations for shirts, jackets, and pants that accommodate concealed carry are vital for comfort and discretion.

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  • Women's Clothing: Recognizing the unique challenges women face in concealed carry, guidance on stylish yet concealment-friendly clothing options is essential for maintaining both functionality and fashion.

A Guide to Women’s Clothing Selection for Concealed Carry



A sturdy, reliable gun belt is indispensable to support the weight of a full-size 1911. Features like stiffness and belt loop placement are key considerations. Holsters, including inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), and appendix carry options, play a crucial role in comfort and accessibility.

How to Find Your Perfect Concealed Carry Holster



Exploring elements like ride height, kant (adjustability for a secure fit), wedges (to minimize printing during appendix carry), and wings (for preventing holster printing) can significantly enhance both concealment and comfort when carrying a 1911.

Ride Height – Refers to the positioning of a holster concerning the beltline or waistband. It determines how high or low the firearm sits relative to the body when holstered.

  • Concealment: A higher ride height may facilitate better concealment as it can position the firearm closer to the body, reducing printing (visibility of the gun through clothing). However, it might compromise access and comfort.

  • Comfort: Lower ride heights might offer more comfort, especially for larger or heavier firearms, distributing their weight more evenly. But it may compromise concealment by pushing the gun further away from the body.

Guide for Different Body Types and Carry Positions:

  • For shorter torsos: A higher ride height could prevent the grip from poking out at the bottom of a cover garment.

  • For taller individuals or those with longer torsos: A slightly lower ride height might help in achieving better concealment without sacrificing comfort.

Kant - The angle at which a holster is positioned relative to the beltline or waistband. It influences the draw angle and how the gun sits against the body.

  • Adjusting the kant can affect both comfort and concealment. A slight forward or backward cant can make drawing more natural and concealment more effective depending on the carrying position and body shape.

  • To achieve a comfortable fit, individuals can adjust the kant to align the holster with their body's natural contours. Security-wise, a slight forward cant might aid in a smoother, more natural draw from certain positions, like appendix carry.

Wedge – A component often added to the backside of a holster, typically near the bottom, designed to push the grip of the firearm toward the body.

  • A wedge helps to tilt the grip of the gun inward, reducing printing by pushing the firearm's handle closer to the body. This minimizes the bulge that might be visible under clothing.

  • It can also improve comfort by reducing pressure points and making the draw more ergonomic.

Wings – Extensions or flaps typically located at the top of a holster, intended to distribute pressure and aid in concealment.

  • Wings spread the pressure exerted by the holster over a wider area, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

  • They assist in preventing the holster from tipping or shifting, thus reducing printing by ensuring a more stable position against the body.


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Rock Island Armory's line of 1911 pistols are known for their reliability, affordability, and suitability for concealed carry. Specific models that excel in size and features for concealed carry are recommended, emphasizing their value compared to pricier competitors. We’re committed to delivering high-quality firearms at affordable prices, emphasizing innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Concealed carry with a full-size 1911 pistol can be comfortable, discreet, and empowering when paired with the right clothing and gear. Check out Rock Island Armory & Armscor's range of 1911 pistols and accessories for a comprehensive concealed carry experience. By prioritizing comfort, confidence, and affordability, concealed carry enthusiasts can find an ideal solution for their concealed carry needs.

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