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The Best TAC Firearms for Concealed Carry

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 18, 2017


Welcome to the Rock Island Armory TAC line. It’s hard to go wrong with a 1911. The platform has been through a lot over the years and is still the chosen side-arm for many professionals today.

If you happen to be researching options for a concealable 1911 handgun, then you’ll find a couple great options right here.

TAC Ultra - 9mm

Compacts make for good starting points when looking for a pistol with concealed carry in mind. It has an accessory rail for a light attachment and a 3.5” button barrel chambered in 9mm. Despite being small, it has room for eight rounds of 9mm and weighs at just more than two pounds unloaded.   

TAC Ultra CS - 45ACP

This one's the same pistol - but chambered in 45ACP. While 45ACP has a storied history, paired with the 1911 pistol, you will be trading off a round of capacity. Of course, some believe they won’t need more than a few rounds in a self-defense scenario, so this may be a non-issue for your purposes.

TAC Ultra FS - 45ACP

Maybe you’re not one for small pistols - especially if you have bigger hands. A full-size 1911 can be concealed fairly well, with the right clothing, due to its slim nature. Although some people might find the 5" barrel an inch too long, packing a full-size 1911 does give you more grip space to work with and a good sight radius and it provides a little confidence boost, as well.

TAC Ultra FS HC - 9mm

If you’re not concerned about size, then why not go all-out and consider a double-stack 1911? Get it in 9mm, and you'll have 17 rounds with which to work. Be advised that the extra capacity paired with the metal frame does put you at more than 3.5 pounds unloaded and 1.3" in width.

How to Decide?

With these options in mind, it’s now up to you make the final decision. Do you go smaller and lighter but with less capacity? Or do you pack in the extra rounds but in a less concealable package? Whichever route you decide, just make sure you choose the one you’ll feel most comfortable carrying on a daily basis.

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Topics: Concealed Carry & Self Defense